4 Businesses in Bangor for Appliance Stores
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Affordable Service
Appliance Store
69 Maple St
Bangor, ME 04402
Phone:(207) 825-4001
Broadway Tv & Appliance
Appliance Store
1215 Broadway
Bangor, ME 04402
Phone:(207) 942-5577
"Dunnett has done it again!". Visit our store to see our great selection of appliances and mattresses offered by the leading manufacturers.
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Penobscot Plaza
63 Washington St
Bangor, ME 04401
Phone:(207) 947-4572
Phone:(800) 649-5214
Fax:(207) 947-3894
30+ years of kitchen design experience. 7 different cabinet lines to choose from. Granite Countertops -crafted to exact specifications in our fabrication facility. - Bathroom Vanities & Whirlpools.
"Take us for granite".
1172 Hammond St
Bangor, ME 04401
Phone:(207) 945-6363
Fax:(207) 990-2640